The Imperator

Here are the 'details' for The Imperator the PCs serve in our current game of Nobilis. What follows is the initial description that I suggested with four of the players in mind. Not a great deal has changed with the fifth player's input - there has been greater change in that respect made to The Chancel.

The initial concept:

With the current negative traits of Unfathomable, Demanding and Cold, plus the fact that the existing powers are split equally between Light and Wild, I was wondering about having the Imperator being an ancient True God rather than a Wild Lord. I'm thinking of a god that whilst as old as the planet at the same time is shaped by the aspects the Powers represent. The Power of Evolution means that the Imperator has become interested in humans as the highest point on the path of evolution, The Power of the Underdog taps into it's recognition of cunning and intelligence over pure brute strength, The Power of Pain is an aspect of the growing pains of the human-race, and what it has done to the planet. Cats… well, who knows…? Perhaps the aspect of the Imperator that represents a domesticated Wild, that actually isn't that tame at all… And whatever Steve brings in the table will either mix in well or just add to the Imperator's unfathomability…

The idea is that the Imperator has an appearance that vaguely clings to the idea of the human form, but has much going on beneath the clothing. He/she/it wears a wooden mask that almost perfectly resembles a human face, but it is unmoving and appears emotionless. None of the Powers have seen the Imperator without it's mask. It's voice, which echoes faintly behind the mask, differs as if with mood - not within conversations, but it may change between visits. It talks as if thinking carefully about every word.

I've come up with a visual for you:


In Nobilis Game 1 it was decided that the Imperator would go by the name Lord Abutilon - though certain members of the Chancel are keen to refer to him as "Bob".

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