Rufus Blake, Duke of Pain

In his mortal life, Rufus Blake was a detective with the Chicago PD. He has spoken little of his life before enNoblement, but the other Powers of the Chancel are aware of the details of his transformation.

Due to his police work, Rufus had naturally made some enemies within the criminal underworld of Chicago. This came to a head a few weeks ago, when he was gunned down in an abandoned warehouse by minions of the powerful crimelord insert name here while following up a fairly innocuous tip-off. Left bleeding to death, he was visited by the Imperator, who breathed just enough life back into him to keep him alive for a few more minutes, before vanishing without a word. However, he was left with the terrible agony of his wounds (especially to his right leg). His police partner (insert name here) arrived shortly afterwards and raised the alarm. By chance, the first doctor on the scene was Rufus' younger sister Charlie. She saved his life, but the doctors only had limited success in healing his leg.

It was not until several weeks later that he was properly confronted by the Imperator and enNobled.

He now walks with a jet-black cane. On close inspection, there seem to be dark clouds swirling around inside it.

Rufus resents the Imperator for leaving him crippled and in constant discomfort. He sometimes tries to justify it by thinking that perhaps it was done so that he can truly understand pain. At the moment, he is still getting to grips with his power, which seems strong compared to the other Nobles he is aware of; maybe due to the ubiquitous presence of pain.

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