Paranoia Game 1

At the end of Winter/beginning of Spring 2007 we managed to squeeze a two session game of Paranoia in between other games. When I say squeeze this includes introducing lots of players to their characters before we could really get the ball rolling, plus kinda ending prematurely. Hence the following is a combined summary and conclusion to the mission, Chester's answer to the classic Paranoia adventure Me and My Shadow Mark IV

IntSec Post Mission Debriefing Overview

The following de-brief is classified Clearance Indigo. For game purposes, all on this forum are cleared for this information. The relevant player characters, should they ever access such files, are not and probably never will be.

Mission Summary

Objectives: To protect the Warbot Model 425 Mark within the securityperimeter, in Hangar 139.

Troubleshooters assigned: Green-R-TOM-1 (initial team-leader), Cruise-R-TOM-1 (briefly team leader, also communications officer), Maj-R-TOM-1 (later clone made replacement team leader - also happiness officer, hygiene officer, loyalty officer), Hanks-R-TOM-1 (registered mutant and equipment guy), Baker-R-TOM-1, Selleck-R-TOM-1, Uncle-R-TOM-1

Result of Mission: Success.

The various stages of the mission have been recorded via internal Hangar cameras. These can be found on secure server CAM-RNG-23b/H139. However, several highlights are worthy of note.

  • Random dispersal of mission equipment around the Hangar.
  • The destruction of a Scrubot. Potentially hazardous to Troubleshooters, no threat to the Warbot.
  • Communists disguised as Technicians terminated by Troubleshooters. It is worth noting that the original team-leader Green-R displayed Communist sympathies - following his termination his clones have been brainwashed and demoted to Infrared vat-workers. Also worthy of note is the death of team-member Cruise-R, whose replacement clone revealed Communist tendencies also. The entire line of clones has been brainwashed but remain clearance Red.
  • Technicians without proper authorisation. Authorisation confirmed by Friend Computer and Technicians enter the Warbot followed by the Troubleshooters. The Technicians, plus Troubleshooters Baker-R and Selleck-R do not exit bot. See R&D report attached (R&D-RNG-W425-MIV-H139). At the same time a small patch with a vaguely treasonous slogan was seen to float up from ground level and plant itself on the front of the Warbot.
  • Ultraviolet joggers terminated in the Hangar by Troubleshooters. See IntSec report attached (INT-RNG-XXX-H139-G2HEL) plus individual files on each citizen involved.
  • School children on school trip enter Hangar. Neither hazardous to Troubleshooters orto the Warbot. Selleck-R seen to shoot at boy, followed by damage to the Warbot.
  • Communists attack. Despite bravely fighting off the Communist menace, we can not televise this victory, since the Troubleshooters spent much of the battle caked in vomit.

Following the successful routing of the Communist hordes, plus the success of Armed Forces initiative 'Hit-M-Offat-V-Pass' (see AF-RNG-HMOVP-H139), the team tidied up as much of the mess as lowly Red citizens might. At the end of their mission, the Mark IV Carnival arrived with the briefing officer and authorisation to move the Warbot to it's destination Outside, to be faced off against various threats, such as several waves of Commie, other Warbots and a Megaton bomb (set by our eager Troubleshooter team). The bot then officially undertook it's first job and debrief the Troubleshooters. All survived this debriefing.

Despite the numbers of avoidable deaths resulting from this Mission, it has been declared a success. After the termination of one or two clones for criminal damage, the citizens have been promoted and given high-profile jobs by some of the sector's generous resident Ultraviolets.

  • Uncle-G-TOM-4 now works in the employ of Mind Control Co-ordinator Cal-U-RXT-2, now known for resorting to lasers being held to the head. Uncle-G has been helping him in development a number of his new more aggressive techniques, as did his previous clone just a few days ago.
  • Selleck-B-TOM-4 works for Anne-U-JXT-9, Supervisor of Clone Development, Breeding and Replacement. Commended for being 'an incredibly fine specimen', Selleck-B was last seen entering Anne-U's personal laboratories last night. His new clone, Selleck-B-TOM-5 has been activated since, told to return to work in the Medical Centre, and not worry about anything.
  • Baker-G-TOM-4 currently works for Kim-U-FXJ-6, Director of Fine Collection and Credit Dispersal. Having been reassigned from Armed Forces to CPU, he mostly shuffles papers. He has frequently been reprimanded and fined for accepting bribes. By Kim-U. He currently owes her some 23,170 credits.
  • Hanks-B-TOM-5 works as personal Tech advisor to Armed Forces Special Officer Butch-U-VFU-7. A number of his previous clones have already expired for being weak-willed mutant wimps, but is Hanks-B happy? You bet he is!
  • Maj-B-TOM-6 was last seen entering the abode of Jess-U-TWE-7. He has not been seen since.
  • Whilst Green-TOM-4 currently toils away as an Infrared vat-worker, his fellow team-mate Cruise-R-TOM-4 has just recently been promoted to Yellow Clearance and asked to work as a personal assistant to Lot-U-DJI, Director of Sector DOA. No-one quite knows what that's all about.

As a final note, should the players of these characters ever want to return to active duty, there's a future mission that might accomodate them… possibly as Green and Blue clearance citizens…

For those that didn't make the connection, which is easy enough given this brief summary, the characters end up 'working' for the Ultraviolet citizens they terminated… ah… revenge… a dish best served Ultraviolet style…

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