Cambridge Telegraph Edition 65534 Saturday 24th May 2008

From Wild Talents campaign.

Protecting This Fair Country

Today the new government, in sight of the murder of all but 3 MPs, unveiled a new force to protect the citizens of the United Kingdom. The Enlightened have been unveiled. These exotics are a new force which will protect us from those terrorist Exotics where ever they hide.

The new Minister for the Enlightened Neriss Roule, introduced this new force. These brave officers splendid in the most up to date military defence clothing. They will be responsible for defence of the United Kingdom from threats at home and from abroad.

In league with the Police Forces S.T.O.M.P. teams the Military’s Enlightened teams will be responsible for security for this country.

Other UK News

The rumours of three foot Patrick Moores being seen in London cannot be confirmed.

World News

World Leaders expressed solidarity with the United Kingdom after the horrific terrorist attack against the democratically elected government. Leaders pledged to stand shoulder to shoulder in bringing these terrorists (believed to be Exotics) to justice.

The first UN Exotic Peacekeepers embark to help with the problems in Somalia and Rwanda.

A technical fault meant that the International Space Station was without of communications for 3 hours last night.

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