Cambridge Telegraph Edition 65533 Friday 23rd May 2008

From Wild Talents campaign.

Prime Ministers Question Time Death Toll

The Country is in shock today. A group of Exotic Terrorists exploded a Bio Chemical weapon during Prime Ministers Question Time. The only 3 MPs (The PM himself, Harriet Loake and Peter Samson) are in hospital in a critical state. The rest of the MPs succumbed to the lethal chemical weapon. The Houses of Parliament have been quarantined by Hazmat teams and military personnel.

Other UK News

A state of Martial Law has been announced in light of the recent terrorist attacks. All Exotic sightings are to be reported. Non registration will now be a crime. Each region of the country will have 3 STOMP teams to help combat Exotic crime.

World News

The United Nations today have announced the formation of a team which will be responsible for the Exotic question. The members of the Security Council have passed Resolution Exotic. This resolution will give powers to UN member States to work together to help with the Exotic Question. The first action of this resolution is to send Exotic UN Peacekeepers to Somalia and Rwanda to help with the genocide there.

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