Cambridge Telegraph Edition 65532 Thursday 22nd May 2008

From Wild Talents campaign.

Sea monster Destroys London Bridge

Yesterday a giant tentacle eye balled sea weed monster attacked and destroyed London Bridge. This monster killed hundreds as it pulled the bridge and on lookers into the Thames. This hideous monster was subdued by our brave heroes of STOMP.

The monster was taken away by Army escort to an undisclosed holding facility.

Other UK News

Large amounts of Police and military personnel have been standing guard at reservoirs and water treatment plants around the country. This is in relation to rumours of an Exotic attack on an army chemical/ bio warfare base.

STOMP (Special Talented Operatives of Merseyside Police) has been holding a press conference today. In the wake of the Manchester Riots a week ago, they are helping to rebuild the community.

World News

The Actor Ben Affleck was found murdered in his home today. Just yesterday he registered himself as an Exotic. This is the 5th murder of a registered Exotic in the USA so far.

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