Cambridge Telegraph Edition 65531 Wednesday 21st May 2008

From Wild Talents campaign.

Bank of England Blood Bath

Yesterday a gang of Exotics broke into and tried to rob the Bank of England’s money and gold supply. The new Police unit Special Talented Operatives of the Metropolitan Police (STOMP) where on hand to bring these crooks to justice.

Inside reports of charred bodies were found; over 100 BoE employees were murdered by these Exotics. From inside sounds of gunfire and battle could be heard. In a spate of madness there was a violent riot outside. Police Firearms Teams shot into the crowd and people started to beat each other to death. The powers of these evil immoral Exotics are horrifying.

Our brave boys of STOMP put their life on the line. Ito put a stop to these nefarious Exotics in their crime spree. All that came out were body bags. Is this going to be a common occurrence? These evil Exotics think they are above the law? That they are willing to kill? With out the STOMP team the body count and innocent life lost would be greater.

Other UK News

Reports of a large group of Exotics were reported on Dartmoor. Unconfirmed reports that an Army base was attacked. This base is believed to be one of the Army’s Bio Chemical bases.

The Government have unveiled more STOMP teams around the country. One team for each region of the country. With the registration of Exotics going well and people volunteering to join STOMP.

World News

Hollywood is in shock today. The Actor Ben Affleck registered as an Exotic.

The United Nations Security Council will make an announcement tomorrow regarding the Genocide in Somalia and Rwanda.

In Baghdad Exotic terrorists attacked Iraqi/US check points around the city.

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