Cambridge Telegraph Edition 65528 Sunday 18th May 2008

From Wild Talents campaign.

Anti Registration Rally Blood Bath

Yesterday the peaceful Anti-Registration Rally turned into a blood bath when over 200,000 people gathered outside the Houses of Parliament.

A group of Army personnel opened fire on the peaceful crowd. The Special Talent Officers of the Metropolitan Police were on hand to help subdue the perpetrators of this murderous act. Whilst the shooting was going on a blob mass with flaying tentacles started to cause havoc and destruction with the crowd.

The final death toll was 3,000 men, women and children. Over 10,000 were injured. These figures have shocked a nation. Will this be a common occurrence now? This is why these Exotic people need to be registered to protect ordinary citizens like ourselves.

World News

In Los Angeles 2 Exotics were found murdered just 2 hours after registering. Both were shot in the head. LAPD are investigating.

Mass riots in Delhi yesterday when pro registration and anti registration factions met.

In Madrid military units were involved in a running gun battle with what seems to be ETA Exotic members.

The United Nations Security Council are in closed session for another day. Russia/Ukraine and the Somalia and Rwanda genocides are on the agenda

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