Cambridge Telegraph Edition 65527 Saturday 17th May 2008

From Wild Talents campaign.

Warwickshire Village Attacked 400 dead

Early in the morning Police and Emergency services cordoned off the village of Catthorpe. The police shut the A14/M1/M6 Junction. Re-routing traffic within a 10 mile radius. A helicopter was seen landing and disembarking the new Exotic powered operative. Being behind the Police cordon we could not see much.

After they entered the village they came out after an hour. Ambulances took away the survivors (numbers unknown). A Government spokesman Mr. Johnson said.

“The people of Catthorpe were the victims of the same chemical attack as those in the Cambridge hospital last week. The terrorists who have perpetrated this act will be brought to justice.”

The Public out cry has been immense with World Leaders giving the United Kingdom their support in capturing these mass murderers.

Anti Registration Rally to be held in London

This weekend Human Rights, Free Speech and concerned people will be taking to the streets of our Capital to protest for the mandatory registration of Exotic powered people. The Police are to be put on high alert as they expect pro registration groups will try and clash with this peaceful rally.

World News

France is recovering today after the destruction of the Eiffel Tower in a super powered brawl. This world famous landmark is just scrap metal and a great loss to the civilised world.

Russia is building troops up on the Ukraine border. Several ex Balkan states have offered support to Ukraine if Russia invades. The UN Security Council is in session to discuss this issue along with the genocide in Somalia and Rwanda.

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