Cambridge Telegraph Edition 65523 Tuesday 13th May 2008

From Wild Talents campaign.

MacDonald’s Robbery

Two thieves with extraordinary powers held up the MacDonald’s in the city centre. One was as wide as he was tall. He blocked the people inside the place with his bulk as the other robbed the tills and customers.

The Heroes of Moss Side made an appearance to put a stop to this thievery. The police at a loss how to deal with this new breed of criminal. A quick stand off ensued as they tried to talk them down. Then there was an explosion inside blowing out the windows.

The extra large man, called Big Bob, was subdued after a while. His bulk seeming to close around the assailants. Bouncing higher and higher he was only stopped by landing on an up turned police car put up by the quick action of one of the team members. The Police had to use a crane to lift Big Bob due to his bulk and weight. He was chained to the flat bed and taken into custody.

UK News in Brief

Unexplained energy wave hit a small area of the Home Counties. Hospitals have admitted large number of women who are going through withdrawal symptoms.

Aberdeen has been hit by a quick blizzard giving 2 foot of snow with in 2 hours.

World News

Ukraine announced that it has found a new power source which will stop the dependency on burning fossil fuels, oil and gas. They have offered these power packs for $1 billion. On a live TV broadcast the box powered a TV and one was shown supplying a city with its power needs. The oil producing nations have been quick to debunk this as a hoax. Russia is bringing pressure to bear on this former Russian satellite state.

European Ministers and Leaders are in talks about how to deal with the rise in extraordinary events.

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