Cambridge Telegraph Edition 65522 Monday 12th May 2008

From Wild Talents campaign.

Moss Side riots dramatically stopped

The 4 day riots in Moss Side Manchester were brought to a dramatic close yesterday. A group of “super” people brought the devastating riots to a halt. Scenes of an innocent man sucked into himself seemed to spark the embers of decency and justice in this world gone mad.

The protagonist who was heard to be called “Black Star” was graphically and swiftly killed. The horror of seeing a mans head explode in a crimson mist was horrifying. The agitator of the riot was swiftly subdued in short order. The mood of the crowd changed swiftly into one of confusion as he was subdued.

Calm was restored by the visitation of the Angel. The calm was like ripples on a pond. The very air was calming and soothing. The Angel took one young girl up in his arms and flew away. The rapture of his presence was felt; people were praying and crying with joy. A prayer service will be held involving all religions for the dead and victims of these riots.

UK News in Brief

Sir Patrick Moore’s body still has not been recovered from the Cambridge University explosion.

World News

European Union leaders are meeting in Brussels tomorrow to discuss ways of understanding the unfolding events and measures to protect its citizens.

The New York King Kong escaped today. He was seen climbing the Empire State Building again with a blonde lady in his grasp. The Police and Army subdued the ape again. This time they had help with a flying basket ball player.

In Africa rumours of large scale genocides in Somalia and Rwanda. Unconfirmed reports indicate involvement of spirits and monsters.

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