Cambridge Telegraph Edition 65521 Sunday 11th May 2008

From Wild Talents campaign.

Mass Reglious hysteria

After the TV coverage of the transformation of the young man growing wings. The local churches have seen a drastic increase in numbers. People talking about the Rapture, the Second Coming and the End of Days.

A number of suicides has risen after this event. People’s faith is being tested. Churches up and down the country are holding pray vigils to pray for this angel from God. It proves that God exists

UK News in Brief

The situation in Manchester is now out of control. The Army has been called in to help the Police in this situation. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has declared that Moss Side will be cordoned off. Acts of random violence has been caught on camera. Shots of a large man firing black energy and disintegration police and soldiers has been seen.

World News

The United Nations Security Council has announced a new security resolution. It gives Governments a mandate to contain and control the strange global events.

Ukraine has closed its borders to the rest of the World. The Ukraine Government deported all foreign nationals. In a shock statement they have cut off all oil and gas imported from Russia.

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