Cambridge Telegraph Edition 65520 Saturday 10th May 2008

From Wild Talents campaign.

Gas Explosion Destroys Student Residence

Yesterday afternoon a freak gas explosion ripped apart a student residence. The surrounding area was also affected. Windows blown in and small fires smouldered. The emergency services arrived at the scene quickly. There were only a few injured. A lot of the students were killed in the gas explosion.

The emergency services were helped by a young man who lifted the rubble without effort. Also in front of witnesses, including a TV camera crew, a magnificent and at the same time disturbing sight. A young man grew angel like wings.

The 2 young men were taken into custody by the Police. Also the survivors were taken to the local police station.

UK News in Brief

The situation in Manchester is escalating in scale. The rioters are growing in number. The police are having difficulty in containing the spark of violence. On camera policemen were seen clubbing a fellow officer to death.

A bright UFO was buzzing around London for a second night giving a big light show.

World News

The United Nations Security Council is in closed emergency session today.

Reports from the Ukraine. At Chernobyl researchers have noted that the radiation has gone back to pre disaster levels.

Explosions at Universities around the world have been reported. In USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Russia, Denmark, Switzerland and France all report its top universities have all been wracked by explosions.

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