Cambridge Telegraph Edition 65519 Friday 9th May 2008

From Wild Talents campaign.

Explosion at University

Late last night about 11pm the Cambridge Astronomy Building exploded. The department was part of a live televised international information gathering initiative. The resulting explosion collapsed the building.

The emergency services arrived quickly to try and get survivors out and get under control and hazards. After an hour of quashing the flames. It was okay to try and recover survivors.

Only 4 students came out and were taken to Brookfield Hospital. They seemed to be in shock more than anything. The emergency services have a task ahead of them searching for survivors. They have started to bring out the bodies of the dead. Sir Patrick Moore and the Universities own Professor Long’s body still have not been recovered. There have not been any survivors apart from these 4 students.

The Police do not know what caused the explosion. Experts are looking into the causes. It is too early to tell if this was a terrorist attack.

Terrorist Attack on the Hospital

Early this morning the Brookfields Hospital was under quarantine. Hazmat teams have cordoned off the hospital and the surrounding area. All the patients and staff were found dead. A specialist team has arrived to begin piece together the murder scene. It is believed that some form of chemical attack was to blame for all the deaths.

A BBC camera crew and some TA soldiers were brutalised by the terrorists. Reports say that one suspect had a flame thrower. The soldiers were murdered in the ensuing gun battle. There was no footage of the suspects as the camera was wiped clean and broken.

A little girl Sally Green, aged 5, said that there were a lot of bad people inside that wanted to hurt her. Some good men took her away from the bad men. There was a man who was with the girl but has since vanished. The Police would like this man to come forward as he may have information on what happened.

UK News in Brief

In Manchester Police are reporting big clashes with gangs in the Moss Side area. There have been 5 Police deaths.

A bright UFO was buzzing around London last night giving a big light show. It was caught live by a BBC camera crew.

Most of East Anglia last night was without power as the National Grid went down. Engineers are working to fix the problem.

East Scotland was hit by a freak sudden blizzard last night. Over 2 foot of snow in 4 hours.

World News

Reports from New York of an 80 foot gorilla scaling the Empire State Building. This “King Kong” was brought down by the police and the army. The gorilla has been taken to a special zoo facility for study.

Reports from the Ukraine. At Chernobyl researchers have noted a drastic decline in background radiation over night.

Reports from Tokyo of a large fire sweeping the city centre. The hero of the hour is a fireman who risked his life to get 4 children from a burning building. He was unhurt and the children did not have any effects of the blaze.

Reports from Iraq. Twin suicide bombers? What looks like the same man appeared on CCTV blowing himself up in 2 separate incidents?

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