Betrayal At House On The Hill
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Betrayal at House on the Hill is a board game by Bruce Glassco published by Avalon Hill. Players all begin as allies, exploring a haunted house filled with dangers, traps, items and Omens. Whenever an Omen is revealed there is a chance that one of the players will change allegiance and combat the other players. The game contains two scenario books, one of which goes to the traitor and the other going to the remaining good guys. Each scenario is different — the traitor may end up controlling (or becoming) zombies, cannibals, dragons, vampires or almost any other monster imaginable. The goals for winning also change — the remaining players may need to kill the monster(s), kill the traitor, survive for a number of rounds, or achieve some other goal for winning. The traitor's goal is usually to kill the other players first, but occasionally the traitor can win by other means. Both sides pursue their goals in the endgame until one side defeats the other.



Game 01 - Players: Matt, Simon, Steff
Matt activated the haunt, unleashing a tentacled creature in the process, killing himself immediately. The tentacles then sought out and killed off the two other character. The Traitor wins!

Game 02 - Players: Andy, Heather, Jamie, Matt, Simon
Jamie activated the haunt, but Simon is the traitor - his little boy character thinks he's Julius Caesar and everyone else has it 'in for me'. Getting the servants of the house to attack the other visitors to the house, the bad guys are eventually overpowered and locked up in the house's vault. The Heroes win!

Game 03 - Players: Andy, Heather, Jamie, Matt, Simon
Jamie activated the haunt again, bit by a dog and inflicted with lycanthropy. Werewolf Jamie bites Simon before going after Andy and co. Whilst shot dead with silver bullets, Werewolf Simon is able to pass on the curse to all other characters. Andy turns, aiding Simon and the crazed dog. Heather and Matt die trying to defend themselves, so The Traitors win!

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