I'll be honest, I don't update this site as much as I could, or even should. But welcome, make yourself at home, look around and see if anything grabs your attention. And yes, if you live around Chester, UK and play role-playing-games, there is a big group of like-minded people near you.

This wiki was originally set up as a store of ideas and ongoing stories on behalf of gamers in Chester, UK and is open to all role-players who play in the area and are likely to interact in the future, and play in the same games across a table, face-to-face. You're encouraged to check out the forum at http://forum.chestergames.co.uk; this site is meant to act as a companion site, to store all information in an easy to read format that doesn't involve having to read long continuous threads.

Here's the blurb that originally accompanied this introduction:

"The site will be arranged by game and, eventually, by individual adventures. If updated regularly (with recollections each character has of each session, and an overview by the GM) it should be easy enough to dip in and catch up with where everyone is up to. If it needs to be said, it's recommended that GMs don't post plot spoilers - anything that's likely to tip off the players about future events. People reading these pages should feel as if they're following the exploits of the adventurers."

In reality few people got around to doing much with the site, least of all me because I've got a girlfriend and son to keep happy, plus I'm spending a lot of time writing and being creative elsewhere. I'm only updating it now because people tend to find this largely defunct site before they find the accompanying forum, which is where we're usually active.

We can be found at the Forest House every Monday night (from about 6.30 til about 11.00). You can find a map and details here!

Role-Play Games

Board Games

For those board-games with a strong role-play element (defined 'personalities' with stats):

Those more strategic in nature include:

Card Games

Here are a list of quick card games that can be played to kill time:

Above is a list of games currently played by the group, as well as those proposed for the future. The links should lead to a page with a brief description of the game setting. If the game has several different settings, they should be listed. Under each game description (and list of variant settings) there should be links set up for games currently (or previously) played.

Clicking on a game should lead to another page which will list the overview of the game, the GM, the players and their characters. The GM might also want to list any major (or recurring) NPCs. Characters created by either GM or the players can also be better defined by creating their own pages. Each game will be further split up into sessions, pages which can be used to relate the events of each session played afterwards, by players and GM.

If you click on the link but find no page set up, it means that no-one has got around to creating the page. If you need any help creating a page, ku.oc.oohay|rekaerb.isp#em tcatnoc, and I can either advise or get the page sorted for you.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.